Who have been the Best Investments on Football Index in 2020?

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

2019/20 has been a fantastic season on Football Index. As it comes to a close, we're taking a look at some of the players that have been the best investments over the past 12 months. This comes in no particular order, as it depends on your trading strategy as to who you'd consider the better investments.

Remember - there are 2 ways to profit on Football Index. Traders can make money by winning dividends; through earning Performance Buzz, Media Buzz or In-Play dividends. The second way traders profit is through capital appreciation - or increasing share value - AKA Buy Low, Sell High. The list is made up of renowned players that in hindsight are easy to see why they've been so profitable.

1. Jadon Sancho

The young Englishman has risen from the depths of Football Index to become Number 1 this season. He's the most valuable player on the market, and for good reason too. Sancho has won a whopping £1.31 in media buzz, as well as £0.15 in PB dividends. His dominance in Bundesliga has seen him rise from £5.36 last year to highs of £14.11. An investment of 100 shares would've cost £536 on June 26 2019. That would now be worth £1386 right now, plus £146 in media and PB dividends. That's £1532 total - a profit of around £1000 and a 185% return on investment.

2. Trent Alexander-Arnold

TAA is the most valuable defender on Football Index. And for good reason. The 21 year old has recently added a Premier League trophy to his cabinet, to go alongside the UCL, Club World Cup, Super Cup and Ballon D'Or nomination. An investment 12 months ago would have cost £2.97 per share. 100 shares would now be worth £942 - a profit of £645, and increase of 217% in share value alone. That's not a rate you'd find in any savings account! On top of that, TAA has provided a total of £0.56 in PB and Media dividends this season, taking the investment of £297 to be worth £998 in total.

3. Erling Braut Haaland

Erling Haaland on Football Index

Erling Haaland has had a spectacular season, rising from an unknown teen to a wonderkid sensation. The teenager would've cost a trader £3.10 upon introduction to Football Index when he was IPO'd in the early stages of the season. He's since earned £0.35 in performance and media dividends, though an IPD opportunity would've seen a very quick additional few pennies upon his arrival at Dortmund given how quickly he made is mark. 100 shares back in September would've been £310, now worth £796 plus the £35 in dividends along the way. That's £831 from £310 in 9 months - 168% return on investment. He's not currently at his highest value for the season either, as he previously reached £8.57 in May... lucrative is the word that comes to mind. 

4. Adama

Although Adama hasn't been a hugely successful player on the pitch compared to some others in this list, he has had an incredible season on Football Index. Last June he cost just £0.47 per share. 12 months on he sits at £3.38. If you'd taken a punt on 100 shares back then, you'd have spent a modest £47. That's now worth £337. An unbelievable 617% increase in just one year. Add on a cheeky £9 in PB to make your investment of £47 return £346 right now. Capital appreciation at its finest!

5. Idion Ighalo

You'd have been considered a fool to have invested in Ighalo last summer at £0.21 a share. But it takes guts to gamble on an outsider, even if it's purely deemed luck that saw that 30 year old move to Old Trafford. Be it by luck or skill, 100 shares in Ighalo would've cost you just £21. That is now worth £163, plus another £61 in dividends, coming to a total of £224. That's a profit of £203. A ridiculous ROI of 966%.

6. Timo Werner

If you thought Werner was an established goal scorer on Football Index last summer, you’d have picked him up at £1.91 per share. He’s since climbed throughout the season to peaks of £6.46, though now sits at £5.76 in the post-transfer crash. Even so, 100 shares at £191 would be worth £576 just 12 months later. You’d also have reaped a total of £1.12 dividends per share too. That brings the total profit up to £4.97 per share excluding IPDs. 100 shares returns £576 plus £112, totalling £688 – an ROI of 260%.

7. Bruno Fernandes

12 months ago Bruno cost £2.55 per share. He’s now valued at £10.18 and has brought in £1.75 in dividends so far this season. That means if you’d added 100 shares to your portfolio back then, you’d now be sitting on a profit of £9.38 per share. £255 into £1193. That’s Football Index trading at its very best.

8. Serge Gnabry

At £1.58 last June, Gnabry was not raising eyebrows by any means. But a standout season at Bayern Munich, with highlight fixtures in London, saw Gnabry rise to highs of £4.99 per share. He’s now at £4.46 – but this still means a rise of £2.88 per share plus the £0.13 in dividends that he’s won, rounding it over £3 per share in profit. 100 shares for £158, £301 profit in 12 months. Hard to argue that it wasn’t one of the better buys of the season.

9. Josip Ilicic

An incredibly underrated investment even today. Josip Ilicic was £0.61 this time last year. Had you added 100 shares for a cost of £61, you’d now be sitting on a value of £171. That’s a profit of £110 in capital appreciation. But that’s not the impressive aspect at all. Ilicic has earned £0.52 in dividends this season, meaning he’s nearly paid back investors through dividends alone in just one year. No other player was even close to doing so this season. That means over the past season or so, Ilicic paid back £52 of the £61 investment whilst he’s also nearly tripled his share value. 100 shares for only £61 would give a total profit of £162 over the season. Certainly a low cost investment, but highly effective.

10. Gabriel Martinelli

If you’re into wonderkid trading, Martinelli is a fantastic model to go off. Having IPO’d around 1 year ago at a price of just £0.80, he’s risen to values over £4 this season already. Currently sitting at £3.94 per share, Martinelli boasts a teenage wonderkid bias that provides ammunition to traders to continue to pump money into the younger players around the world. Had you invested in 100 shares 12 months ago for a price of £80, Martinelli would now be worth £394. He’s only paid back a penny in dividends, but for trades aware of the wonderkid strategy, his capital appreciation of 392% is certainly rewarding.

Notable mentions:

  • Billy Gilmour

  • Alphonso Davies

  • Kai Havertz

  • Phil Foden

  • Martin Odegaard

  • Christopher Nkunku

  • Reece James

  • Lautaro Martinez

  • Eberechi Eze

  • Dominic Calvert-Lewin

  • Marcel Sabitzer

  • Patson Daka

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