What is PB in Football Index?

Football Index Performance Buzz, or PB, is one of the core elements in calculating a return on investment on Football Index. So how can you win PB on Football Index in 2020?

Reminder - there are 3 ways to win money on Football Index:

- Match Day Dividends (Performance Buzz)

- Media Dividends (Media Buzz)

- Capital Appreciation (Increasing Share Value AKA Buy Low, Sell High).

We’re going to explore the first of these three so that you can understand how to make money on Football Index, through earning dividends and understanding more about when a player is undervalued or over-valued based off of PB potential.

A short guide to PB Dividends

What is PB?

Performance Buzz is a rating a player earns on a matchday. Various elements of the game, such as passes, interceptions, clean sheets and goals are recorded and scored accordingly. This is done by a third party entity - Opta. For the full breakdown of the PB scoring matrix, click here.

How do you win PB?

This is a big question that plenty of traders don’t even check before purchasing shares and learn the hard way. There are 5 Domestic Leagues around Europe, plus European Competitions such as Europa League and Champions League that are eligible for PB. Then the World Cup and Euros come into the equation as and when they run.

PB Eligible Leagues:

1. Premier League

2. Ligue 1

3. La Liga

4. Bundesliga

5. Serie A

6. Europa League

7. Champions League

8. Euros

9. World Cup

To spell this out crystal clearly, the following examples are not PB eligible, so your player will not receive a rating for every game they play in the following league:

- FA Cup

- League Cups

- Scottish Premier League

- EFL Championship


- Eredivisie

- Liga Nos

- Club World Cup

- Preseason Tournaments

- Copa America

- African Cup of Nations

- Asian Cup

It’s important to note that PB can only be won by one player of each position – Forward, Midfield, Defender - on any given matchday.

The very best score from a matchday also wins STAR PLAYER.

So, even if your player scores two and registers a great PB score as a forward, if another forward betters that score, you’ll win nothing.

In short, the following PB dividends are available:

- Top Defender/GK

- Top Midfielder

- Top Forward


How much can I win in PB?

This depends on the number of matches played on the same day. A ‘Bronze’ matchday is usually less than 4 matches, Silver Matchday is 5-14 matches, and a Gold matchday is 15+ matches.

Bronze - £0.02 per position plus £0.02 per Star Player.

Silver - £0.04 per position plus £0.04 per Star Player.

Gold - £0.08 per position plus £0.08 per Star Player.

This means that if your player has the greatest PB score on a Gold Matchday, they’ll win £0.16 per share. 8p through Top Position, 8p through Star Player.

The end of the 19/20 season saw some changes being made due to the rescheduled fixtures.

How can a player score high in PB?

PB scores are not the same as a fantasy football, or whoscored ratings. The PB matrix leans slightly in favour of attacking creative play, but also dominant possession play.

For example, 1 PB point is available per pass completed. Therefore a team that plays counterattacking football will have a lower average pass count and a lower PB score based off of passing alone.

Similarly, an assist is worth 25 PB points. But if your player is an isolated winger, he may only play 20 passes in a game total. That would be 20 PB points for passes and 25 for an assist. But if your central holding midfielder has played 50 passes, despite the assist being made by the winger, the holding midfielder has reached a better PB score through general passing.

There is far more at play here than simple passing though; key passes, chances created, crossing, long balls and through balls all score differently on the PB matrix. But the point is that goals and assists aren’t everything. A player like Kimmich and Kroos can still rack up 200+ in PB without working up vast goal or assist tallies. Both Kroos and Kimmich have averaged better PB scores than Jadon Sancho this term – that exemplifies how important alternative stats are. Don’t solely glance at goals and assists and assume it’s a PB goldmine.

We’ve written a premium article here that you can find here which discusses the best player positions to work up good value. Though it’s not just on PB, it is incredibly helpful for traders to understand why some positions and roles are perhaps more attractive on Football Index than others.

If you’ve got further questions, then feel free to joint our slack community or explore more articles, either for free or as a premium member!

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