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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Name: Tammy Abraham

Age: 22

Club: Chelsea

Position: ST

Role: Finisher

Share Price: £2.74

Tammy Abraham | Chelsea FC

Who is Tammy Abraham?

Tammy Abraham is one of Chelsea's Academy Graduates that has broken-out into the first team this season. Having been part of Chelsea's setup since u8, he's only left the outfit on loan to Bristol City, Swansea and Aston Villa in 14 years at the club. The latter of his three loans was last season, when he helped Villa to promotion to the Premier League. His 25 goals did not go unnoticed, and Chelsea decided to keep the English forward in their first team when he returned last summer. He has not disappointed.

Style of Play

As his stats suggest, Abraham is an out-and-out striker assigned to score goals. He's good in the air, technically capable and has excellent instinctive movement to find himself in the right place at the right time. Though he's not as creative as plenty of other Premier League forwards, he's not required in chance creation in the Chelsea side rich in forward-thinking players. Abraham's innate ability to time runs and find a yard of space is superb for a player of his age, though his finishing is yet to be labelled as clinical in our opinion.

PB Opportunity

Abraham hasn't won PB dividends this season, despite his 13 goals and 4 assists. His contributions to goals aren't sufficiently prolific to post a high PB score - he's maxed 193 this season. Furthermore, his style of play naturally leaves plenty of fundamental PB factors in dismal numbers. He completes an average of just 14 passes per match, with a 67% success rate. Playing centrally leaves very few dribbles or crosses completed compared to plenty of other forwards across Europe. He has shot an average of 2.9 per match over the Premier League season with a 41% accuracy. All this mediocracy has accumulated an average PB of just 60 this season.   

It's worth remembering the negative stats here too. Abraham has missed a total of 17 big chances this season.

Should he improve his ability to convert on the big chances, there's scope to be posting some big numbers in coming seasons. He's still young and relatively inexperienced in the top tier of English Football. There is still plenty of time to improve on his goal tally.

Media Buzz 

This is what makes an investment in Tammy Abraham justifiable. His PB alone is not there yet. But his media potential? Established. A young English striker, capable of making his mark in the Top Flight in his debut season. Homegrown within Chelsea's academy, the club surge forward with a plethora of English players and coaches. The question lingers whether Tammy has what it takes to challenge the English centre forward role. With Rashford developing on the wings, Harry Kane is still the captain and leading striker. But with Abraham just a goal and an assist behind Rashford this season, baring in mind it's his first in the top flight, there's plenty of speculation surrounding how good Abraham could be in the near future. All of these factors thrown into the melting pot are providing a great source of media. He's won £0.14 this season.

Value Increase

To justify an investment, traders will always want to ensure there player holds their value - otherwise dividends are just a way to cut losses rather than profit. Tammy Abraham looked to be a fantastic option for traders up until recently. His development looked strong, his PB left room for improvement and his media buzz was sufficient. Traders know who Tammy is. The media is familiar with him by now. Many traders will still consider him a relatively safe hold off of the basis of his offensive contributions and age. A good debut season can unfold into a dominant second season. Assuming he'll be developing into the second season with regular playing time, he'll improve his finishing and has the potential to be posting some fantastic numbers and challenging for a starting spot in the English squad.

But it all seems to have become uncertain with the announcement of Timo Werner.

Werner has been very firmly linked to Chelsea, with rumours suggesting he's already put pen to paper and it's a certain deal. Should it become a concrete signing, Werner will most likely be the first name on the team sheet next season. He's been a supreme force for RB Leipzig, scoring and assisting roughly double what Abraham has posted this campaign. Tammy would have been considered the starting striker in a front-three for Lampard, but Werner now puts doubt in how the blues will set up. If Abraham is dropped to the bench, the media hype and development is stunted and the investment profitability begins to dwindle. Traders do not like young expensive players sat on the bench. A glance at teammates Callum Hudson-Odoi personifies the wonderkid risk, when a hyped first team talent is dropped. Abraham is older and less hyped despite being more proven than some of the other Chelsea prospects including CHO, Gilmour and Mount. For this reason, plenty of traders could see even less 'potential' in him, causing value to plateau or even drop should he find himself on the bench after a good first season. 

If you believe Abraham will be playing regularly next season, there's a good chance his PB will improve as he becomes more proficient in front of net. It's a wise investment in which case, as the media circus will surround Stamford Bridge, particularly if Kane or Rashford can't post significantly higher numbers. If you think Werner will shift Abraham to the bench, or at least reduce his minutes, then it's not such an easy investment to see yourself profiting from. If you think Chelsea are daft enough to let him go, then it's only likely going to be to a top Premier League side... Wolves have already been rumoured this week to have registered interest. If he goes out on loan or is sold then his PB is up in the air but his media hype will go up - making a see-saw investment that is anybody's guess as to how profitable it could be. One thing for certain is that Tammy Abraham is worth keeping an eye on!

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