Pulisic exemplifies Chelsea's ambition

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Instrumental. Influential. Inspirational.

Pulisic has been involved in a goal in 6 of the last 7 matches

Pulisic has undeniably carried a load for Chelsea through the home-straight in their pursuit of a Top 4 finish. The young American has been a beacon of prosper at a time when Chelsea need it most.

If Chelsea can finish the season with automatic Champions League qualification, they've earned it whole heartedly; no player more so than Christian Pulisic. Even if they fall out of the Top 4, there's still a lot of respect due for the ex-dortmund winger's debut season in the Premier League. 8 goals, 5 assists in 23 PL appearances commands appreciation at a young age from the wing.

As a replacement for Eden Hazard, it took time to find his feet and step up to the podium. Let's not forget how big the boots were that he was trying to fill. Under Lampard, Chelsea have demonstrated an impressive force going forward this season. Since the Premier League's return, they've found another gear in Pulisic.

The last 7 games have been a consistently dangerous display by the 21 year old; a goal against villa, then again against city, an assist at West Ham and another against Watford, a goal against palace, stalemate against Sheffield United, then an assist against Norwich. Traders are coming to expect a goal involvement on every outing.

The most interesting perspective with Christian Pulisic is the realisation of potential. 12 months ago, his price crashed after the transfer to Chelsea. Like many high-profile prospects, the confirmation of a transfer does no favours as the media buzz bubble bursts. Pulisic couldn't make an immediate impact, so between August and October he dipped from a region of £3 to £2 per share. Now, a string of good performances have rocketed his value back to £3.50. It's one thing onboarding a good young player in Bundesliga, but a whole different ball game if they can make a name of themselves in the Premier League. 21 years old and a star in the making at Chelsea, Pulisic is a safer investment than he ever was before. He's no longer a 'potential' premier league threat. He is a threat, and it's what he's capable of right now that is starting to excite traders and pull his value up through the Top 200.

Although he's not won PB dividends this season, you feel it's only a matter of time until he does. A PB max of 301 deserves to be rewarded after all.

His Top 5 don't spark enough to start a fire just yet; 301, 206, 159, 158 and 134. There's still another gear needed to really lift-off into the higher ranks. He needs consistency and experience - which he is starting to find.

The excitment of investing in the American International is what is happening around him. Chelsea are a historically successful club in the modern era. They're outperforming all other London clubs right now. They've got one of their own as a manager. They have England players, academy graduates and International stars in their ranks. There is a buzz at Chelsea that could even help their media rankings to an extent.

A combination of youth and experience has been hanging in the balance throughout the season, with youngsters such as Mount, James, Abraham, Gilmour and Pulisic showing glimpses of what is yet to come. A rough season for Hudson-Odoi doesn't take away from what he has already shown either, the same applies to Loftus-Cheek. There are young players of a very high quality emerging. Then there are the older players still pulling their weight; Giroud demonstrating his professionalism, Willian wearing his heart on his sleeve in every match despite looking as though he'll move away at the end of the season. Azpilicueta still a stable, gold standard premier league full back at 30 years old.

The new signings speak volumes about what Chelsea's goals are in coming seasons.

Timo Werner from RB Leipzig is the most recently confirmed; a prolific goalscorer of world-class calibre. There is no goal-scorer under 30 years old who could be compared to Werner this season. Hakim Ziyech signed earlier in the season, leaving Ajax for Stamford Bridge. Another top-drawer winger who's proven a deadly threat in the Champions League for the last couple of years. Then the rumours of Kai Havertz adds the cherry on top; an iconic youngster who's already proving to be one of Europe's best creative midfielders. If he signs, the depth at Stamford Bridge will be second to none.

Chelsea mean business. Pulisic exemplifies this. With two very tough games yet to come, Liverpool and Wolves, Chelsea will need all of their talent on display to fend off Leicester or United for a Top 4 finish.

Even if they can't make it work this season, it's difficult to see such a vastly talented attack-minded squad struggling next year. Lampard's Chelsea could be in the Top 4 for years to come. Pulisic still has years of development ahead, and he's surrounded by some of the finest young talents in the Premier League.

If you believe in the youth at Chelsea, the attacking football they play, and the abilities of Pulisic to hold a regular spot in the starting XI then he's an investment that could pay dividends in the near future. Capital depreciation is almost unthinkable, though always must be factored in to risks, whilst capital appreciation looks almost inevitable off the basis of age, position, PB max, European football and the squad that is being built for longevity at the top of the Premier League.

Perhaps a bid in the offseason may acquire Pulisic for cheaper. Perhaps he'll dip in price should he drop to the bench if Ziyech's arrival outcompetes him. Perhaps CHO will rediscover previous form. Perhaps injury will slash his price. Other than these factors, it's hard to see many reasons why Pulisic would be valued any less than £3.50 when next season begins as the index consistently grows.

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