Juventus Rebuilding

Lyon despatched the Italian Champions in the first knockout round of the Champions League. Sarri was consequently shown the door. Juventus are barely kings of Italy, and look a long way from challenging at the top of Europe anytime soon. To add one further problem, their squad is getting older and less valuable by the day.

A rebuild is on the horizon.

Andrea Pirlo has stepped up to the challenge of leading Juventus to success next season. Although they conquered Italy, the real task is to springboard Juventus back to the top of Europe after a truly disappointing campaign in 2019/20. As changes in management are underway, we can expect changes on the field too.

Andrea Pirlo | Juventus' New Manager

The entire squad is of course going to be effected, but which players could see a turn around in their investment potential on Football Index?

Cristiano Ronaldo

The icon carried Juve through the season. He's already rumoured to be on his way to PSG having failed to make it past the round of 16 with The Old Lady. At 35 years old, he's a veteran throughout Europe and is not one to shy away from change. Having shown his ability in Liga NOS, Premier League, La Liga and Serie A, Ronaldo could move away from Italy to prove his worth across the continent in his senior years.

Ronaldo has been, and still is, a solid investment for dividend yield. He's a media icon with a GOAT legacy, and his performances on the pitch aren't slowing down with his age. He bagged 35 goals, 7 assists in 41 PB eligible games this term.

Only Pogba has been a better media attraction, and Messi a better PB option, in the history of FI. Obviously with time he's depreciating in value as his career enters the twilight years. However, Ronaldo is still strongly held and sits in the Top 50. Any serious transfer speculation is going to fuel dividends, whilst he seems to pick up great PB scores no matter which club or league he's in.

If Ronaldo stays in Turin, it'll be interesting to see what Pirlo makes of the veteran forward. With very little coaching history, the playing style of Juventus is unknown - but Ronaldo is surely going to remain the star man in Turin. Changes in Juventus will only draw the eye of the media to Ronaldo, so perhaps his depreciation will stagnate a little if he's paying out regular dividends under Pirlo's regime.

Dejan Kulusevski

It was unclear how wonderkid Kulusevski would slot in at Juventus under Sarri. Most recently, Sarri played a 4-3-3 with Bernardeschi on the right wing, albeit without much impact. That was likely the spot he'd challenge for. The Swedish sensation is still very young and hasn't yet played a minute for the Old Lady - but with a change in management there is an opportunity to impress over the offseason. Douglas Costa isn't a fraction of what he once was, Bernardeschi hasn't featured in his native left-wing slot since his arrival whilst his stats on the right-wing are subpar. Kulusevski has an opportunity to play alongside some heavy-weight talents if he can impress Pirlo, belying his £2.37 share value at 20 years old.

Federico Bernardeschi

On the flip side of the Kulusevski argument, Bernardeschi has the opportunity to reinvent himself for the third time in his Juventus career. Under Allegri, Bernardeschi wasn't fancied regularly whilst Douglas Costa was in finer form. Under Sarri, he played behind two strikers, on the right of a midfield 3, and on the right wing. He's been deployed across a host of positions but is finding himself more comfortable having been given consistent gametime on the right flank. Now, he'll have to impress Pirlo to fend off competition from Douglas Costa, Dejan Kulusevski and any other wingers brought in to reinforce the Old Lady. The Italian International is still pre-peak in his career and could finally find some rhythm under a coach that knows how to best deploy the fleetfooted winger. At £0.86 per share, there's room to grow if he's a regular again next season. Furthermore, if Ronaldo does leave, there are few widemen at Pirlo's disposal and Bernardeschi could be a vital regular if they cannot replace their leading goalscorer.

Matthijs De Ligt

The young Dutchman moved from Ajax last summer, but failed to make as regular appearances this season at Juventus, starting around 70% of games. At £2.00 per share, De Ligt is heading into the offseason requiring shoulder surgery, whilst Chiellini has extended his contract one year further. The competition at the heart of the defence is tough next season; Bonucci remains the primary partner alongside Chiellini, whilst Demiral is coming off of an ACL injury. Rugani is rumoured to be leaving, however, this is the third window in a row where he's been 'set to leave' according to the media.. De Ligt was the ideal candidate to command the defence when Chiellini retires, but it's not looking like an easy transition. He's still very young, and indisputably a fantastic centre half. But at £2.00 per share, he's an expensive player to have little media and PB before even considering that he'll remain a third choice next season if Bonucci and Chiellini remain fit. Pirlo could include the Dutchman immediately upon his return to fitness, but he'll need to improve his PB for investors to pull his market value above £2.00.


An interesting investment opportunity is on the horizon with Danilo. The Brazilian has been lukewarm at best this season, playing second fiddle to Cuadrado - a natural winger. It speaks volumes that Sarri favoured a winger at right-back than Danilo. However, nothing is guaranteed when management changes. Right-back is a slot that needs fixing immediately for Juventus, but it may not require a new starter, rather a new system. Danilo sits at £0.38 in market value, whilst his IS is £0.23. Baring in mind the right-back was at Porto, Real Madrid, City and has 25 caps for Brazil, he's been considered classy at some point in his career. If he can turn things around and rediscover his abilities under Pirlo, a full-back of his prestige could pick up a PB dividend or two. For 30 odd pence, he's an outside-the-box option that could swing either way. He's 29, so it's make or break in his career and in his investment.

Arthur Melo

Another Brazilian in the ranks at Juventus, Arthur has just arrived from Barcelona in a swap deal involving Pjanic. Pirlo has a host of midfield options to play with; Arthur will certainly be expecting himself to make the grade as a regular starter at Juve. At 23 years old, he's got years ahead to develop into a fine player. Having disappointed over the course of the season, and had the media buzz rise and fall, Arthur is now valued at £1.44. If he can pull the strings in midfield under Pirlo, there's plenty of scope for his PB to improve from this season. If Juventus can establish a dominant, creative, possession-centric midfield like Man City or Bayern Munich, the base PB scores of their central midfielders could flourish.

Rodrigo Bentancur

The young Uruguayan has gone under-the-radar on football index having missed the wonderkid hype and settled at Juventus without any transfer speculation. Having just turned 23 years old, he's been given plenty of game time to indicate his ability is clearly up to the elite level. If Pirlo recognises it like Allegri and Sarri both did, Bentancur will be a starter for Juventus in years to come. However, up to now, he's had a poor PB average. The system has to change for Bentancur to rise on FI. He either needs a commanding role, where ball recoveries and simple passes give him a high base PB. Alternatively, he needs creative freedom to go forward and join the attack in order to create and finish plays on the offensive end. Pirlo could well be the manager to give Bentancur more responsibility in this respect - which could see him establish himself as a top central midfielder in Europe. At £1.23 per share, Bentancur has room to grow over a three year investment, but his PB has to increase to justify the price.

Merih Demiral

Demiral has been attracting interest from some of the best teams across Europe. His untimely ACL injury in January saw him dip to around £1 and he's not since returned to action. However, with Chiellini and Bonucci both ageing, De Ligt and Demiral look the most likely candidates to fill the positions. Demiral is clearly a dominant force at centre-half, good in the air and on the ground. The primary issue is that he's barely established any minutes in a PB league. There's a chance that Pirlo could even rotate Demiral into the starting XI regularly, or choose to offload Demiral to help the club reinforce in other departments. In both cases, Demiral becomes a better investment. Game time or a transfer is needed, and regular appearances will help traders gauge what his true PB ability is under new management. £1 for a top class centre half is fair value if he's posting decent PB - £1.00 for a top class centre half aged 22 is very good value if he's posting decent PB. If he's not played much next season, his market value isn't going anywhere.

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