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Bundesliga was the first league to return to action following the Coronavirus pandemic intermission, which halted play back in March. Plenty of attention was given to German football teams, with investments rising throughout May. Bundesliga players faced a particular influx of investment late in their season.

The German top-tier finished a few weeks back. As usual, the offseason sees a dip in non-media players and teams. As La Liga, Premier League and Serie A have continued in recent weeks, traders have pulled money from their German investments to reinvest in ongoing competitions.It looks as though teams and players, especially those that won't feature in the champions league, are in a pocket of good value right now. Those that are in the Champions League have the new Summer Promos to enjoy, including Gold Matchdays in Europe and enhanced IPDs. All the more reason to eye up an investment.

We've compiled a handy shortlist of 5 players who are running at great value for money due to the shift in interest away from German Football.

Christopher Nkunku | RB Leipzig

Christopher Nkunku of RB Leipzig. Artwork by touchlinedesign

The creative, pacey midfielder is an extremely versatile and dangerous option for RB Leipzig. He can play through the middle or from a wing and always seems to cause the opposition defence issues. 15 assists and 5 goals in Bundesliga speaks for itself. RB Leipzig still have Champions League football to play, yet Christopher Nkunku is a player that has been hammered down in value following the combination of Bundesliga's finish and the staggered release of matching engine.

His current market value sits at £2.85, whilst an IS of £2.37 suggests bids in the region of £2.50 would be enough to secure shares within the next few instant sales. In comparison to mid-May, where he was running at £3.35, a bid now in the £2.50 region looks a good discount.

Admittedly, he's growing out of the wonderkid mould at 22 years old, and lacks any transfer buzz, but he's still very young and already proving to be one of Europe's best. He's only played one full season in Germany, still has European football on the horizon and is certainly a firm part of the RB Leipzig squad of the future. For that reason, £2.50 for a young, high potential and proven PB contender is more than attractive. Over the next three years it's difficult to see an investment in Nkunku going wrong by bidding now in the offseason.

A PB average of 93 is not all that flattering, though he's maxed 297 this season and won £0.12 in PB dividends.

TOP 5 PB 2019/20: 297, 240, 188, 174, 168

Kingsley Coman | Bayern Munich

Now 24 years old, Coman's career has been plagued by injury. He was, and still is, an unbelievable talent. The return of Bundesliga saw him return to action and make a great impact in Bayern's attack. There are risk factors that need clarification both historically with injury, and more recently.

Coman is a liability. He's injury prone, playing in a position where he relies on his explosive pace. Bayern have stuck by him through his troubles, for which they have been rewarded intermittently. But if he continues to spend so long on the sidelines, it's hard to see the German juggernaut retaining him on such a high salary. It's more than reasonable for them to offload, which could send his career even further into spiral. Secondly, Coman is now competing against Serge Gnabry and Leroy Sane for a spot on the wings. It used to be loanees Perisic or Coutinho, or perhaps full-back wonderkid Davies, that he'd have to outmuscle to earn minutes. These aren't half the task of outmuscling two of the best young wingers in the world. If both Gnabry and Sane are fit, it's going to be difficult to keep them out of the team. Alas, Coman could be a rotation player next season rather than a starting winger.

That said, his current market value sits at £2.11, whilst an instant sell of £1.62 looks outrageously cheap. Obviously it's not a straight forward investment for the aforementioned reasons - but a PB profile as emphatic as Coman's is highly tempting. Whilst he's fit and still only 24, he looks ready for a few more traders to onboard. If he can fend off injury, Bayern will look to dominate with his skills still an integral part of what the German champions are all about.

Top 5 PB 2019/20: 237, 231, 199, 195, 173 (Only 17 Starts)

Leon Goretzka | Bayern Munich

The German midfielder has competed alongside Thiago Alcantara and Joshua Kimmich all season in midfield. Those two are PB dominants in Bayern's system, and are arguably the best central midfield pairing of the season in Germany, if not Europe. Alas, when Thiago was rested through minor injury, Goretzka had the opportunity to step up. He did exactly that. Now, Thiago looks to be leaving Bayern, there's a great opportunity in store for Goretzka. Whilst Tolisso and Cuisance are not yet up to the standard of Goretzka - particularly now Goretzka has built his body to a fine physique - Goretzka looks to be the obvious solution to pair alongside Kimmich in the heart of Bayern's midfield. This means great things for an investment in Goretzka, scoring high PB scores regularly, a high base score, and a likely extended run in Champions League football.

He currently has one of the tightest spreads on the index, a market value of £1.71 and IS of £1.67 suggests traders are more than happy to bid high, whilst those holding don't look to be rushing to offload shares to free up some capital. Goretzka is in 'watchlist demand'. This simply means open bids are sat, traders are keeping tabs, but the demand is not quite enough to purchase at market value... give it time. It's the offseason with only UCL to look forward to in a few weeks time. A tight spread now is a great sign for investing in Goretzka, indicating there's a few vultures waiting to scrap on any instantly sold shares. Soon, there'll likely be less patience and more direct sales as market value.

Top 5 PB scores 19/20: 252, 200, 188, 184, 183

Dodi Lukebakio | Hertha Berlin

Far less of a household name, Lukebakio is a Belgian winger playing in the German capital at Hertha Berlin. If you cast your mind back a few weeks, you'll remember Hertha Berlin running rampant in the home stretch. They caused all sorts of problems for many defences, including the likes of Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig, whilst shutting down Leverkusen in a 2-0 victory, and scoring at will against weaker teams. Hertha's rejuvenation is no chance. New investments, new coaching staff and a few new faces all have built to this high potential squad. In the form they finished the season in, they have a great chance at challenging for European football next year. On that note, there are several players in their ranks who look outstanding value - Lukebakio being one such starlet.

The 22 year old is a quick and powerful winger that looks a high potential candidate. A market value of £0.92 and IS price of £0.56 looks a wide spread, like much of the sub £1 end of the market. For those looking for a patient, high potential hold, Lukebakio offers great value at a low bid. The chances are that his spread will tighten when Bundesliga returns, as he's a favoured starter in a dangerous attacking side. He hasn't had many chances to really impress in the new dynamic Hertha side, but we're looking forward to seeing how they get on next season. There's a chance they could be putting up some impressive performances which should favour his PB score.

It may not require a high demand to spur his market value up - this could simply be a low bid flip that you can profit from without the market value moving. If you're confused, don't worry. We simply mean put a bid in low, wait for the instant sell to rise when other traders bid higher as demand rises when the Bundesliga returns, then instant sell to another trader at a profit. It's far easier to make the profit without the market value rising in the low end of the market, so this is a good option to profit from it should you expect traders to show an interest when the German league returns.

Top 5 PB 2019/20: 141, 135, 100, 97, 95 (remember, new management only took over from May...)

Dan-Axel Zagadou | Borussia Dortmund

With the introduction of TOTM, a high average PB defender who can put up the occasional 'spike' performance is highly attractive for obvious reasons. Not only will they compete for matchday dividends, but also a bonus dividend at the end of the month for consistently impressive PB scores. Zagadou had to sit a lot of the season out due to injury. However, the imposing centre back is a commanding 21 year old with more than enough potential to consider an investment. In his limited appearances, he racked up 3 scores over 200 and 1 over 250. That's only with 20 starts in the last 12 months. Though he hasn't won dividends just yet, he's still 21 and only been out of action on the basis of injury, not ability. When Bundesliga returns, should Zagadou be fit, he'll likely slot back into the starting XI at Dortmund, where he'll play at a top level in Bundesliga and Champions League.

The 21 year old is valued at £1.34 with an IS of £1.24. That's a relatively tight spread. Traders are interested, and certainly sniffing around with reasonably high bids. When German football returns, if Zagadou is on the field, it's more than likely we'll see his value climbing. A long-term hold could yield some dividends, whilst capital appreciation is still a core factor in such a young player.

Onboarding now looks as cheap as it could get. He's been out injured, missed the hype of the Bundesliga return, now in the offseason, all throughout the introduction of the Matching Engine - there aren't many more factors that could drive down his price any further. If he can flex a strong PB upon his return, he could become one of the most expensive central defenders on the index based off of his PB score history.

Top 5 PB 2019/20: 275, 213, 211, 198, 173.

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