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This page was founded to provide tips and talking points on Football Index Trading. As a keen Sports Statistician and Football Trader with over two and a half years experience, I've observed trends and earned attractive profits from applying an analytical strategy to my Index Portfolio. Now, I openly share thoughts and analyses that some traders may not have considered - though I hold details on my own portfolio close to my chest. Through stimulating discussion and sharing insights, I hope to bring some wisdom to the Football Stock Market. Enjoy the content, critique it, and get involved!

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Touchline Design joined The Index Gurus upon launch of the website with the aim of bringing outstanding content to the Football Index Community. As our writing shifted to extensive research and exclusive articles, The Index Gurus deemed it wise to improve the artwork for each piece of content. Touchline Design offers premium digital art for Football related content and has brought our unique style into the limelight. Feel free to check out their channels - @touchlinedesign - to feast your eyes on their fantastic work.

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